On a cold and breezy day, all of us arrived at the old train station for our trip to Hathersage. We caught two trains to get there. While we walked sensibly to get on to the shiny huge train. It took us between 1-2hrs to get there when we finally arrived all of us walked down carefully to St Michaels. After we got there we met a person called Jo. She told us to put our stuff into see  through plastic boxes and meet at the ginormous common room and we talked about the rules. A while after, we went to the classroom to try out our rainproof coats, trousers and boots. After we tried them out we went to our rooms called Stanage Edge, Higator, Old Mine and Windhill. We had our tea, brushed our teeth and went to bed.

by Zuzanna



When we went to Hathersage we went on two ruby red, relaxing trains. When we got there we carefully walked to St Michael’s where we stayed.

The next day we went to Stanadge Edge. We walked for 8 miles in 4 hours, it was amazing we had a great view. The next day we went fishing for crayfish, in the end we found 4 fish. After that we made boats in the river for a race in the stream that was fun as well.


From Joshua



On Monday morning, I woke up with excitement because it was the first day at Hathersage so I got dressed and went downstairs and got my breakfast. After that me and my family got in the car and set off. When we first got there my mum dropped me off at St Michaels. At first a nice kind lady called Jo came and told all of us the rules and what we were doing. After we went and did it she said we had to put waterproof things on. When we had got ourself already we got our packed lunch and set off on the long trip. It took about eight kilometres and five hours there and two hours back. It was so tiring but we got about a few drink breaks and one snack breaks. When we finally reached the top we had our lunch on a rock. It was a beautiful view from the top we could even see the smoke works from there. After we started to walk back. When we got back we sat down and played on the iPads. We had lasagne for tea it was delicious. After tea my mum picked me up and took me back to the cottage when we got back I got my PJ’s on and came back down for a little bit because I was so tired from the long day.


On a cold day, it was my first day at Hathersage. Once I arrived at the train station I saw my classmates. Once the train arrived we got the train. We had to go on two trains to get there. When we got there we had to walk a while. When we got to St Michael’s we learnt the rules.

Next, we went to our rooms to unpack our bags. After that, we had are tea which was delicious and then we went on a night walk. Mr Huthart told us scary stories. Next day, we got up and got dressed then went down stairs to get breakfast we had a cooked breakfast.

By Lucas.H

Day 2 at Hathersage

Today it was my turn to do the map reading and the river study and I was really excited. In the morning we came down stairs to have our breakfast and make our lunch. Then we went to the classroom to get are walking boots on. then we went to a place near the river and we got a map there were three checkpoints then the second map we had the same checkpoints  just backwards then the third map had seven checkpoints after about 10 minutes we got a fourth map and we worked has a group. Then we went to the church and went in to have a look then we came out and came back to have our lunch at st Michaels. When we finished our lunch we went back to the stream to catch crayfish i caught a cattipiller then we came back to clean our walking boots on then we went in the shower and then I started blogging.


Today I went to the river and did some fishing but I didn’t cache eny but it was grate fun. Some people did cach a fish and one person did cach a crage fish it was so so much fun then we all went back to the plase wher we was staing it was a good day.


Today we went to the stanage edge. It took around 3 hours to get there and before we got there Jo our care worker gave us a map to help us find the way to stanage edge. Our legs where aking so bad we felt like are legs were gonna fall of we felt so tired we had to climb on loads of stones and jump over tiny rivers it was so much fun but halfway there we got tooooo tireddd. On the top of stanage edge we could see a beautiful view.



First when we was going to Hathersage we first went to the train station waiting for the train there was mums, sisters and brothers. When the train came we went we was excited but there were people upset because they are leaving their family. But when we was on the train station when we got to Hathersage. First we looked outside and the teacher called Joe she was very nice first she told us everything. After that we got are suitcases and took the into are room we made are bed and we put all of are clothes in the box. After that we came down stairs and had dinner.  Then in the night we Went out on a night walk over a bridge at night then after that we went to the  church after that we whent home and we went to sleep but first we brushed are teeth.

The second day we went in like a very huge place we did games. You find checkpoints after that we went back we got are wellies on and fishing rod and went fishing. After that we went back took a shower and then we went down stairs to watch minions.

From Rawan and Cameron.


On the first day, when we arrived we all went st miechials it wear we are staying. Then we had a practice fire drill. After that, we all had a night walk it was amazing.So we went to bed after I felt cold but then I was red hot. Next morning, we had breakfast tasty next we went to wood field manor to do some activitys. Then we all had lunch then we went fishing it was awesome. Soon, we went back to st miechials and I went to blog which is now.