Bertie’s diary


Dear diary,

It has only been a couple of days and I hate it here, I’ll tell you all about my first day at boarding school.  I was ready to start a fresh new day when the mail came. My hands shaking, I picked up a letter and sliced a fingernail down the edge and it teared open,  Once the envelop was split I read:

To my dearest Bertie,

The day of Christmas Eve we will finally see you again. It feels as though me and your father haven’t seen you in a year. How’s school, which I know you hate? Hope to hear form you soon.

Love mother xxx

I will treasure the letter until I see her again.  The bell rang and I headed to English, when… you’ll never guess who I bumped into. It’s obvious it was Basher Beaumont. As he and his friends cornered me, I went from warm to hot. Do you want to know what happened next? The disgusting, horrible bruit grabbed me by the ear and smeared black show polish in my hair, that made it go greedy.  I can even still smell it now.

I was headed to English (looking where i was going this time) and took one of the plastic, blue seats, which were extremely uncomfortable.  We started a spelling test for ten minutes.  Once time was up and the tests were marked, Mr Carter sent me to the corner and purposely placed the heaviest book he could find on my head, to balance for the rest of the lesson.  Basher and his friends sniggered like honking pigs. I got so embarrassed on Saturday. I’m leaving, I’ll escape to the train station and take the train home. Wish me luck.

From Bertie.

By Lilly.



3 thoughts on “Bertie’s diary

  1. Miss Smith

    Amazing diary entry Lilly. You have included relative clauses and brackets. Next time we will look at using hyphens in our writing.
    Miss Smith:)



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