Bertie’s diary

Saturday 19th March 1955

Dear diary,

Today has been the worst day of my life. First I got a letter from my loving ,caring mum. Then Basher the bully put shoe polish in my silky, brown hair, it was dripping . After that, the English teacher made me put the heaviest book on my head because I got ¬†1/10 in my SPaG test . My ¬†lovely, amazing mum sent me a letter that read “I can’t wait to see you at Christmas”. Christmas that ages away.

When I was on my way to the English guess who I ran into, it was Basher the bully! He put shoe polish in my hair that was dripping like a massive waterfall. Five minutes past and it still wasn’t out .

As I finally got it out I was late for my test and I got 1/10 . The teacher made me put the heaviest book he could find on my head . I was so humiliated.

From Bertie

By Elliot


One thought on “Bertie’s diary

  1. Miss Smith

    Great diary entry Elliot. You have included expanded noun phrases and organised your writing into paragraphs. Next time try to include relative clauses.
    Miss Smith:)



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