Bertie’s diary

Sunday 1 March 2008

Dear Diary,

On Saturday, it was my worst nightmare at boarding school, I feel tearful. My mum sent me a letter which made me feel miserable, annoyed and unhappy, I really want to go back home. When I am going to get out of here I AM NOT COMING BACK! No one likes me here so what was the point sending me to this dark, dejected place?

A while later, my day wasn’t so bad… yet, until that on annoying bully called Basher came up to me with black shoe polish. Then I freaked out, he came closer everytime I opened my eyes. Then I opened them again I was on the table, Basher came up and started shoe polish in my hair that was annoying, I was so embarrassed.

Later on that day, I was thought of disgusting, annoying Basher while going to class I’m doing a spelling test today. After the spelling test, I was standing in the corner with a book on my head because I did rubbish on my spelling test. I could do better but I didn’t  my skills are going down since Mr Carter keeps on telling me to put books on my head and stand in the rusty, old corner.

Bertie  🙂

By zuzanna


One thought on “Bertie’s diary

  1. Miss Smith

    Excellent diary entry Zuzanna! You have included fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases. Next time we will try to include brackets in our writing.
    Miss Smith:)



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