Diary entry Butterfly Lion

Wednesday 8 March  2008

Dear diary,

Today was the worst day ever! I’ve only been here a couple of days at this boring and miserable boarding school.¬†Today I got a letter from my mum, so I quickly opened it and I read it. But then I felt really miserable and depressed because I miss my family so much.

I really want to run away but I don’t have enough courage. After I read the letter I got bullied by that Basher, who is horrible, he always bullies me. This time he cornered me in the boot room and sprayed black shoe polish in my hair.

After Basher stopped bullying me I went to do a spelling test. I got very poor results and Mr Carter made me go in a corner with a huge, heavy book on my head.


By Kian Eves


One thought on “Diary entry Butterfly Lion

  1. Miss Smith

    Well done Kian, you have included a relative clause and have organised your writing into paragraphs. Next time try to include fronted adverbials.
    Miss Smith:)



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