My diary

                                                                                Monday 31 July 2015

Dear diary,

Today was the worst day ever, I got a letter that was from my caring mum.  She asked if I’m okay and if I’m happy at boarding school. I was about to reply but then the bell went so I couldn’t.

When I was about to put my shiny, blue coat away Basher smudged black, iccy shoe polish all in my hair. It was greasy and wet, it felt horrible.

After that, it was a spelling test and I’m really rubbish at it. At the end I got one out of ten and Mr Carter stood me in the corner with the heaviest book on my head.

From Bertie

By Joshua


One thought on “My diary

  1. Miss Smith

    Well done, you have included expanded noun phrases and organised your writing into paragraphs. Next time try to include relative clauses in your writing.
    Miss Smith:)



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