The Butterfly Lion

18th November 1987

Dear Diary,

I’ve only been at boarding school for a couple of depressing, terrible days and I hate it. Here are some of the reasons: salmonella pudding, cross country runs and spinach stew. I couldn’t believe it when I got a letter from my mother, who loved me. It said how much she loved me and missed me I shed tears.

Sooner or later, I went to the messy, old boot room, only to find my nemesis Basher the bully, who was really mean. He knocked me on the floor and cornered me me in the room. Basher got the sticky, dark shoe polish and smeared it all in my hair, disgusting. He left me in the muddy dirty boot room ragged, miserable and I was crying.

But then it was time for class.  We all had to do a spelling test.  I got 10 out of 40 so my teacher, who is really stricken, punished me.  I had to stand in the corner, I was so embarrassed.  Also, I had a giant, dusty book on my head, it was the teacher’s favourite punishment.  It was the worst, so I’ve decided to run away from school.


By Hemn


3 thoughts on “The Butterfly Lion

  1. Miss Smith

    Well done Hemn! You have included expanded noun phrases and relative pronouns. Next try to include brackets in your writing.
    Miss Smith:)


  2. peyton

    I love your story’s and your diary entry’s and this really impressed me I have enjoyed reading all of the blog posts on here but yours is one of the best I’ve read

    by Peyton



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