Dear mother,

I am writing this letter to ask you to leve the compound. Here are my reasons:

My first reason I really want to leave the scruffy, dirty compound it’s because I feel I have been trapped in a wet, muddy prison for many years.  I bet when you was a child you got to run free and have lots of fun.  Why can’t I run free?

I want to explore the wild that is fun, please let me go!

Furthermore, I want to leave the compound because I saw a fluffy lion cub that is alone because dad shot his mother.  He needs a friend and someone to look after him so please let me go and help him.

Finally another reason you should let me out is because I want to help dad in the African veal.  He is really busy and tired so I could help him gather food so will you let me go?

I hope you will look at my reasons and think about letting me out of the compound.

                                                          Yours sincerely, Bertie.


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