My letter

Dear mother,

Please can you et me out of the compound?  Please read this letter and think about it.

My first reason is because the fluffy, adorable cub, which is orphaned, is out there.  If we don’t help it, It will die.  It has no food or water to survive, I will try my best, so please let me take care of it.  That is the first reason why.

Okay mum this walks over to my second reason, this is horrendous I can’t take it no more, I don’t have that much room to walk around. I have no friends, I’m a loner, I am bored and I want to explore the world and much more of the land. I am your son and you won’t let me go past these walls.  So please get me away from this torture.

This is more serious reason, here it comes.  I want to go out because dad is now struggling.  He gets tired way to quick and he will get knocked out if he does too much. If he does get knocked out there will be nobody to help him.

These are three reasons why you should let me out.

Your sincerely,


By Heath


Dear mum

I am writing to you to tell you why I should be able to go out of the  filthy,dusty compound

by shannon😭😭😭😭


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