My Letter

Dear Mother

I am writing to you to find out how I could go outside. I need to see the world.

Mum, I need to get out the compound. There is a white lion cub I need to help. Dad, who is a hunter, killed the white Lion cub’s mum. I bet you that the tiny, helpless lion cub is starving and dying. I’ve got to help him, let me out the compound.

The compound is so lonely. Do you think I like being trapped? Let me out I know it has got dangerous animals out there. But you could come with me. Likewise, I can study the waterhole and the animals up close.

My third reason is that dad needs help. Hunting animals is a dangerous job. The team needs me, I’m a huge help. I can shoot a gun and learn to do other things. Think about it your son, who is a hero, getting lots of food for us. Dad is always out he must be tired. Can I go out the compound┬áto help dad?

I wait for your answer. Please reply quickly and think about it.




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