The haunted curse of the house – Blogging Challenge

On a dark and mysterious night, I was just walking down the street when I came along a strange looking house it said something on the window so I read out aloud to my self every night.  I walked down again but at pitch black I could see the writing even clearer it said (the world below is fun to us but to humans it is not fun they call it…) that was it I could not read the last word I think said hell or something.  Half of it was still there but the other side was gone I didn’t know what it said so I went in and I called for my mum but no one was there because nobody was I decided to go to sleep.  So I went upstairs and slept in my dress but I heard someone shout “Help!” it sounded like my mum but it wasn’t her so I went back to sleep. I was sure I had already heard that before, I swear down even search it up if you don’t believe it (don’t actually do that it is just part of it).  I was so scared I wondered what it was so I fell back to sleep. I then heard this gun I shouted “Is anyone here?” No body answered whenever I shouted it so I fell back to sleep for the fifth time and someone then came in my bed only my family is aloud in my bed.  However, this was not my house so you do not know who is learking about do you? So it turned to morning and my mum was wondering where I was so she came here and said “Hello is anyone here?”

Then that meant I was not staying for 90 years or even less then 90 years what if I died at 78 years old that will not be good at all everyone I know except my mum, sister and my brothers and that is it I finally got home and and said sorry for leaving the house.

By Roxie


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