Blogging Challenge

There was once a little family they had a huge house. ¬†One night, Lucy was playing in her bedroom at night and…


No-one knew what had happened that night, one night three girls were walking down a street called Kra Ft Yon road. They came across the old, rusty, burnt house stood right in front of them, they ran screaming for their lives. When they got to Calendar’s house, Calendar asked “Why don’t we go inside the house?”

but the others said “No it’s too dangerous”.

That night Calendar went to the house, opened the door and ‘Screeeeeeech!’ the door had made a very loud noise. But she wouldn’t turn back now she couldn’t, then she heard a voice from a crack in the ground it said go away you are in my home, Calendar was very freaked out and ran outside and looked at the house. Suddenly, the house was beautiful again but that was just her imagination so she ran home and told her friends and promised that she would never go in that house again.


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