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Bertie’s diary

Dear Diary,

I have had one of the worst days of my entire life. First, I always get detention, the food is ROTTON and the bully I met is called Basher Beaumont, he is a real bully. Next, I went to my bed and found an old and microscopic letter right on the cushion. It looked like it was written with a quill and at the bottom of the letter it looked like it was written by my loving and caring mother, who loved to bake. However, I’m not quiet sure because I only get to see her at Christmas and I’m depressed about that.

The next day, I woke up late by the smell of fried bacon because I forgot to set my alarm clock for 6:00AM. But I did get down the stairs, turned left and down the corridor but only half way because I got stopped by Basher Beaumont. He tried to put black and sticky shoe polish in my hair and he did, so now I had to go to class with black hair with what looked like brown highlights in it.

Next, I had my English test and a really boring one because he is so annoying. Mr Carter, who is my English teacher, always puts heavy books on people’s heads and this time it was me because I got 1/10 on my test.


Written by Amelia