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Mayan afternoon

Firstly, we made some Mayan masks and we looked at what details there were and there looks like they all have like an animal face.

Next, we drank some chilly hot chocolate and in my opinion it was like ginger with a spicy feel to it and it was disgusting! 😝

Later, we are making corn bread and making and designing chocolate.

from Ben😀

Mayan afternoon

This afternoon we had a rocking Mayan adventure here is text telling you what we did.  So first we designed Mayan masks by colouring them in.  Most people used dark colours and evil colours.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  In the middle of making our masks we got to try hot chilli chocolate!

Let me out

Dear mum,

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.

Please let me out of the compound.  It’s so dusty and dry in here but out there, there is fresh fruit and green grass.  The wild life all around me, I could learn so much out there.  Please let me out or read my other reasons.

If I left the compound I could help dad guarding the fence and he taught me how to handle a gun in case I am under attack by lions and other predators.  I promise I won’t leave dad’s sight at all.  I promise I will be careful.

Finally, I really want to help the lion cub because he is left alone with no family or protection.  He could die out there with no one to help him.

Please think about it.

Your sincerely,


By ben

Our very very long walk

Today at Hathersage we went to clime Stanage edge we went past a couple of there hills we also walked in a long wood. When you come out you can see the edge it was so high it was freezing there was a little window what we looked out of you coud see alot of fluffy white sheep. When you go down it is very steep just after we went to see a crater it wasn’t very big. When we got to the next wood it was very muddy and steep we also went through gates. When we were past half way there was a dog what did ant stop barking until his owner came we went through a garden there was a horse when we got bake every one was tired😴

By Ben

By Joshua