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Bertie’s diary

Saturday 19th March 1955

Dear diary,

Today has been the worst day of my life. First I got a letter from my loving ,caring mum. Then Basher the bully put shoe polish in my silky, brown hair, it was dripping . After that, the English teacher made me put the heaviest book on my head because I got ¬†1/10 in my SPaG test . My ¬†lovely, amazing mum sent me a letter that read “I can’t wait to see you at Christmas”. Christmas that ages away.

When I was on my way to the English guess who I ran into, it was Basher the bully! He put shoe polish in my hair that was dripping like a massive waterfall. Five minutes past and it still wasn’t out .

As I finally got it out I was late for my test and I got 1/10 . The teacher made me put the heaviest book he could find on my head . I was so humiliated.

From Bertie

By Elliot