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Dear mother,

I am writing this letter to ask you to leve the compound. Here are my reasons:

My first reason I really want to leave the scruffy, dirty compound it’s because I feel I have been trapped in a wet, muddy prison for many years.  I bet when you was a child you got to run free and have lots of fun.  Why can’t I run free?

I want to explore the wild that is fun, please let me go!

Furthermore, I want to leave the compound because I saw a fluffy lion cub that is alone because dad shot his mother.  He needs a friend and someone to look after him so please let me go and help him.

Finally another reason you should let me out is because I want to help dad in the African veal.  He is really busy and tired so I could help him gather food so will you let me go?

I hope you will look at my reasons and think about letting me out of the compound.

                                                          Yours sincerely, Bertie.

Diary entry

                                                                                    30 November 2012

Dear diary,

Today was the worse day ever! I hate it here because I am so lonely and miserable. It all started when I received an amazing letter from my mum, who is loving and caring.  When I read the letter that was from my mum I felt tearful.

Suddenly it got worse! I was in the small tiny boot room that was dirty and basher came running aggressive towards me. He pind me against the wall and put black, scruffy shoe polish in my hair.

Later that day I was my own business when mean Mr Carter came towards me and shouted at me. He grabbed a hard book and put it on my head and told me to stand it the corner. That was it I was running away.

From Bertie

By Kian Evans