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Diary entry Butterfly Lion

Wednesday 8 March  2008

Dear diary,

Today was the worst day ever! I’ve only been here a couple of days at this boring and miserable boarding school. Today I got a letter from my mum, so I quickly opened it and I read it. But then I felt really miserable and depressed because I miss my family so much.

I really want to run away but I don’t have enough courage. After I read the letter I got bullied by that Basher, who is horrible, he always bullies me. This time he cornered me in the boot room and sprayed black shoe polish in my hair.

After Basher stopped bullying me I went to do a spelling test. I got very poor results and Mr Carter made me go in a corner with a huge, heavy book on my head.


By Kian Eves

Day 2 at Hathersage

Today it was my turn to do the map reading and the river study and I was really excited. In the morning we came down stairs to have our breakfast and make our lunch. Then we went to the classroom to get are walking boots on. then we went to a place near the river and we got a map there were three checkpoints then the second map we had the same checkpoints  just backwards then the third map had seven checkpoints after about 10 minutes we got a fourth map and we worked has a group. Then we went to the church and went in to have a look then we came out and came back to have our lunch at st Michaels. When we finished our lunch we went back to the stream to catch crayfish i caught a cattipiller then we came back to clean our walking boots on then we went in the shower and then I started blogging.

Hathersage trip

On Sunday, we got on the train to head off we had to go on 2 trains to get here to hathersage. Then we had to walk a weeny bit to get to a place called st Michaels and st Michaels is now our home till Wednesday. A few minutes we got here and a person called jo told us all of the rules and then we did a fire drill so we had to go up to are room and wait until it went off. Then we had to rush through stanage room to go down the fire exit that is a spiral staircase and we had to rush down to the checker board. Then we came back into the common room to eat our packed lunch after we ate our lunch we we went to the room to put on an extra layers for walking in. At night we had to go on a walk in the dark and at some point Mr Huthart stud in poop. Then we walked to a grave yard to have a look at little johns grave then we went back and went to bed.

In the morning we could choose either cooked meal or cereal I chose cereal we also made our own sandwiches we could choose any off these tuna, cheese, ham or egg. Then we went up stairs to get our toothpaste and tooth brush and then we went in the bathroom to brush our teeth. Heath had a Santa beard lol and then we all got dressed we all came back down to come into groups. Then we went in our groups to get our stuff on. My group was the walking group and we walked 8 miles to the Stanage. We could see the whole area from around here then we had to get down stanage safely heading towards a small wee crater to go back to st Michaels, when we got back we started to blog.


by Kian Eves and Heath