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Blogging Challenge

It was a cold, damp and windy night. I was walking through the dangerous woods with my dad. I was quite nervous and scared. a strange noise pierced my ears and then something caught my eye. It was a strange looking thing so I decided to move closer to it. I couldn’t believe my eyes it was an old rotten house. I decided to be brave and go inside not knowing what was going to happen. as I got closer the door blew open like somebody had opened it but when I looked around no one was there. at first I thought I was imagining things but then I realised it was real. I wondered  what creatures lurked inside the house and thought of the tales I could tell my friends at school. I crept into the house and saw some crooked stairs covered in cob webs in a small room.  I was just about to go up them when a tall man with jet black hair appeared from around the corner and said “welcome to your new home!” I began to feel concerned about what was going on. The tall man told us to go upstairs to see what  was waiting for us. My dad went first. We quickly ran upstairs frightened of what was going to happen. There was a cage that looked like a prison cell. Inside it was a man wearing a white hat and suit covered I blood. he looked like a chef. Without warning he banged on the cage screaming. Daddy quickly walked past but as I looked at the man he jumped up and made me jump too.

We went through a little door which took us outside on a balcony. We walked across the balcony and through another door to go inside. We were in a small dark room we thought it was empty but a pale lady with big, puffy and curly hair  shouted “welcome supper!” She got close to my face smelling my scent. I got scared and pushed her off of me. She opened some black curtains leading to some stairs and waved her hand towards them for us to go up.

At the top there was lots of bodies covered by sheets as white as snow. I touched one of them and it felt as soft as velvet. A killer clown jumped out from the side of the room and he was laughing then started to chase us around the room. My dad saw a handle so we tried to get out but the clown wouldn’t let us. he stood staring at us as we was running around in circles. finally the clown let us go through the door.

As we walked into the next room the floor was moving up and down. A man said we were not supposed to be in there. He stood in front of my dad staring at him for about 3 minuets my dad said “I think he likes me”  then he did the same to me. We escaped through a little passage at the end of it I was a bed in the middle of a room it looked like an elevator. There was a girl in it sat there smiling and staring at us. She kept shouting loudly for us to get out of her room. She slowly walked over to us and I hid behind my dad. She looked over his shoulder and shouted “get out!” in my face. Then she turned around and went back into her bed. We ran into the nearest door which took us back into the woods. we ran straight back home and never came back again.

By Maddison

Mayan Blogging

This afternoon, we designed our own mayan mask to represent the gods. Miss Smith showed us a powerpoint full of pictures that had a lot of other Mayan gods.  se printed a template of a plane mask for us to design and colour in.  Whilst we were creating our masks Miss Smith chose a few people in our class to try a cup of chilli hot chocolate.  It smelt worst than it tasted.  After that we filled an ice cube tray with white and milk chocolate, jelly beans, haribo cola bottles and cookies.  I’m sure they will be delicious when they have been frose.      YUM!

by Maddison Clarke, Ben Sinclair, Ellie-Mai Tweed, Jamie Taylor and Lilly Taylor