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The Butterfly Lion

Saturday 21st November 1964

Dear Diary,

On Monday I had the strangest day ever, I woke up this morning and I got a letter from my loving mother. I left to go to the worst school ever. At 11:55pm Basher the bully put shoe polish in my hair by the time it’s Christmas my hair will be as shiny as an iron bar.

At 12:00pm, in the spelling test Mr Carter put an old, manky book on my head in a corner because I got all of the spellings wrong.

After the test, I gripped the wall in so much anger. Twenty minutes later, I hid behind a huge, green bush where I have dug a hole underneath the electrical fence. When the time was right I slid threw the hole and ran away from the most boring school ever…

  From Bertie

by Mckenzie