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Blogging Challenge

There was once a little family they had a huge house.  One night, Lucy was playing in her bedroom at night and…


No-one knew what had happened that night, one night three girls were walking down a street called Kra Ft Yon road. They came across the old, rusty, burnt house stood right in front of them, they ran screaming for their lives. When they got to Calendar’s house, Calendar asked “Why don’t we go inside the house?”

but the others said “No it’s too dangerous”.

That night Calendar went to the house, opened the door and ‘Screeeeeeech!’ the door had made a very loud noise. But she wouldn’t turn back now she couldn’t, then she heard a voice from a crack in the ground it said go away you are in my home, Calendar was very freaked out and ran outside and looked at the house. Suddenly, the house was beautiful again but that was just her imagination so she ran home and told her friends and promised that she would never go in that house again.


Remember to be yourself

Even when you’ re angry

Maybe you could calm yourself by listening to music in your head

Everyone, everywhere are good the way they are

Maybe we are different but that doesn’t change our manners or who we are

Be nice and you will get far in life

Even when times are rough make sure to keep a smile on your face

Remember, remember, remember to be yourself

by Peyton…….

Mayan blogging

We have started our glorious evening with a little bit of creating and art, it was really fun!  What we did for art was make Mayan masks. During our fun lesson, we tried some chilli hot chocolate, it was horrible it smelt like cinnamon, it tasted like it had alot of chilli in it and it was to much for me. But some people like Hemn, Cameron and Jamie also Madison Jones and Alfie loved the chilli. As for later on the people that are staying later on till 5pm are going to be doing, designing and creating our own chocolate bar and making corn bread. I’m looking forward to it.

See you on the next time on swallow class page.

by Zuzanna and Peyton Florrie Robinson.

Worst Day Ever by Bertie


Dear diary,

Tired and lonely, miserable and stressed, I lay in my bed thinking about what I could do if I wasn’t in this stupid boarding school. I stared at my door bored and scared, then I heard a knock on my door. So I opened it, there stood a young boy with a small letter,” This is for you!” he said quietly. He handed me over the letter and suddenly left. As I opened the strange letter, the wind blew furiously, the letter said:

My dear Bertie, I wish you could come home, I’ve been sick and I need your comfort. Your fathers away and I can’t stand being alone, please write back.

Love your mother xxx

After I had read the letter I fell to the ground in tears.  It was like I was in a lake of tears.  I wanted to leave.

Shivering and stuttering I woke up, I was speechless.  I went to read the letter again and it was gone.  Also, the letter had been replaced with this:

Ha Ha Ha! You really think I would let you read that load of rubbish again, well I won’t!

Love your dear bestie, Basher.

I had, had enough by that point.  I looked for Basher everywhere and finally found him.  He was in the toilets.  As I came out of the toilets, Basher was walking up to me.  Scared and shaky, I shouted “You are horrible, you are stupid!”  I said in embarrassment.

Basher pushed me against the wall, looked at me and smeared shoe polish in my beautiful, blond hair.  “I can’t believe you would do that to me!”  Basher walked away.

Later that day at 7:30pm, we had a spelling test.  It was really hard and I tried my best.  I got one wrong and Mr Carter saved a book in my face.  I had to keep it on my head for an hour and a half.  I was tired and afraid.  “What do I do?” I cried to myself.

I could hear footsteps, it was teatime.  Right now it is 8:30pm and i am missing my tea.  I have decided I am going to run away, I am going to grab my coat and leave.

By Bertie, who likes lions.

By Peyton.


Yesterday afternoon, at quarter to 2 we had arrived at the train station. We had are suitcase and bags in our hands, we was all so excited we was going to st Michaels. When the train came we had all ran towards it and got in a straight line, my mum walked up to me and said that I will miss you very much and I’m sure everyone else will to. When we boarded the train we sat down and snuggled into the chair. We was in hathersage. We got to bed and slept but I couldn’t get to sleep so I decided to stay up all night it was fun.

The next day we went to a place called ”Stanage edge” , and we had to walk for three hours. We got there about 12 and had our dinner, when we had dinner we left and didn’t get back till 3.

I’m missing you stevie, brax, mum and dad.

By Peyton.