Mayan Blogging

This afternoon we made our own Mayan masks they were bright and colourful. Then we tried chilli hot chocolate, it is not what you think it is, it has chilli peppers.  After that, we had dark chocolate and white chocolate and we had a choice of cookies, jelly beans, gummy sour cola bottles and gummy cherry and then we did blogging.

from Larna, Natalia and Shannon

Mayan Blogging

This afternoon we designed and made our own Mayan masks.  We looked at different Gods and animals that Mayan masks represent and also thought about different patterns and colours.  During this we also tried some chilli hot chocolate.

Shannon:  I thought that the chilli hot chocolate was delicious but had a spicy after taste.

Hemn: I think that when we made the Mayan masks some of us had really good designs and ideas.

Peyton:  I thought that when we tried the chilli hot chocolate it smelt like cinnamon and if you drank it really fast you got a taste of chilli.

Larna:  When I tried the hot chocolate it tasted like chocolate with a chilli taste.

Heath: When I tried the chilli hot chocolate I thought it was really nice and I felt speechless.


By Swallow Class

Let me out

Dear mum,

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.

Please let me out of the compound.  It’s so dusty and dry in here but out there, there is fresh fruit and green grass.  The wild life all around me, I could learn so much out there.  Please let me out or read my other reasons.

If I left the compound I could help dad guarding the fence and he taught me how to handle a gun in case I am under attack by lions and other predators.  I promise I won’t leave dad’s sight at all.  I promise I will be careful.

Finally, I really want to help the lion cub because he is left alone with no family or protection.  He could die out there with no one to help him.

Please think about it.

Your sincerely,


By ben

My letter

Dear mother,

Please can you et me out of the compound?  Please read this letter and think about it.

My first reason is because the fluffy, adorable cub, which is orphaned, is out there.  If we don’t help it, It will die.  It has no food or water to survive, I will try my best, so please let me take care of it.  That is the first reason why.

Okay mum this walks over to my second reason, this is horrendous I can’t take it no more, I don’t have that much room to walk around. I have no friends, I’m a loner, I am bored and I want to explore the world and much more of the land. I am your son and you won’t let me go past these walls.  So please get me away from this torture.

This is more serious reason, here it comes.  I want to go out because dad is now struggling.  He gets tired way to quick and he will get knocked out if he does too much. If he does get knocked out there will be nobody to help him.

These are three reasons why you should let me out.

Your sincerely,


By Heath


Dear mum

I am writing to you to tell you why I should be able to go out of the  filthy,dusty compound

by shannon😭😭😭😭


Dear mother,

I am writing this letter to ask you to leve the compound. Here are my reasons:

My first reason I really want to leave the scruffy, dirty compound it’s because I feel I have been trapped in a wet, muddy prison for many years.  I bet when you was a child you got to run free and have lots of fun.  Why can’t I run free?

I want to explore the wild that is fun, please let me go!

Furthermore, I want to leave the compound because I saw a fluffy lion cub that is alone because dad shot his mother.  He needs a friend and someone to look after him so please let me go and help him.

Finally another reason you should let me out is because I want to help dad in the African veal.  He is really busy and tired so I could help him gather food so will you let me go?

I hope you will look at my reasons and think about letting me out of the compound.

                                                          Yours sincerely, Bertie.

My Letter

Dear Mother

I am writing to you to find out how I could go outside. I need to see the world.

Mum, I need to get out the compound. There is a white lion cub I need to help. Dad, who is a hunter, killed the white Lion cub’s mum. I bet you that the tiny, helpless lion cub is starving and dying. I’ve got to help him, let me out the compound.

The compound is so lonely. Do you think I like being trapped? Let me out I know it has got dangerous animals out there. But you could come with me. Likewise, I can study the waterhole and the animals up close.

My third reason is that dad needs help. Hunting animals is a dangerous job. The team needs me, I’m a huge help. I can shoot a gun and learn to do other things. Think about it your son, who is a hero, getting lots of food for us. Dad is always out he must be tired. Can I go out the compound to help dad?

I wait for your answer. Please reply quickly and think about it.



The Butterfly Lion

Saturday 21st November 1964

Dear Diary,

On Monday I had the strangest day ever, I woke up this morning and I got a letter from my loving mother. I left to go to the worst school ever. At 11:55pm Basher the bully put shoe polish in my hair by the time it’s Christmas my hair will be as shiny as an iron bar.

At 12:00pm, in the spelling test Mr Carter put an old, manky book on my head in a corner because I got all of the spellings wrong.

After the test, I gripped the wall in so much anger. Twenty minutes later, I hid behind a huge, green bush where I have dug a hole underneath the electrical fence. When the time was right I slid threw the hole and ran away from the most boring school ever…

  From Bertie

by Mckenzie

Bertie’s diary

Dear Diary,

I have had one of the worst days of my entire life. First, I always get detention, the food is ROTTON and the bully I met is called Basher Beaumont, he is a real bully. Next, I went to my bed and found an old and microscopic letter right on the cushion. It looked like it was written with a quill and at the bottom of the letter it looked like it was written by my loving and caring mother, who loved to bake. However, I’m not quiet sure because I only get to see her at Christmas and I’m depressed about that.

The next day, I woke up late by the smell of fried bacon because I forgot to set my alarm clock for 6:00AM. But I did get down the stairs, turned left and down the corridor but only half way because I got stopped by Basher Beaumont. He tried to put black and sticky shoe polish in my hair and he did, so now I had to go to class with black hair with what looked like brown highlights in it.

Next, I had my English test and a really boring one because he is so annoying. Mr Carter, who is my English teacher, always puts heavy books on people’s heads and this time it was me because I got 1/10 on my test.


Written by Amelia



Diary entry Butterfly Lion

Wednesday 8 March  2008

Dear diary,

Today was the worst day ever! I’ve only been here a couple of days at this boring and miserable boarding school. Today I got a letter from my mum, so I quickly opened it and I read it. But then I felt really miserable and depressed because I miss my family so much.

I really want to run away but I don’t have enough courage. After I read the letter I got bullied by that Basher, who is horrible, he always bullies me. This time he cornered me in the boot room and sprayed black shoe polish in my hair.

After Basher stopped bullying me I went to do a spelling test. I got very poor results and Mr Carter made me go in a corner with a huge, heavy book on my head.


By Kian Eves